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      Do you believe

      in magic?

MAGIC BROTHERS WORLD brings Hope and Happiness with Magic to orphans and underprivileged children around the world.


- Shaping children’s future with magic.


- Magic Brothers and Magic Sisters in every country.


- To empower the children of the world and to inspire them to become the best version of themselves, one heart, one community, one country at a time. Using our entertaining shows and activities, we seek to gather more enthusiastic friends and magicians to share our inspiring and educational messages to the world.


- When most people focus on leaving a better planet for our children, we focus on leaving better children for our planet.


- Children learn to be grateful for what they have, to experience life and find their own passions, to work hard for what they want, and to create a happy and meaningful life using their own passions to serve and inspire others as well.


- We fulfil children needs today to become happy teenagers and young energetic adults tomorrow.


- Instead of entertaining in a competitive way with other performers, we offer to collaborate all together to share our values for the children and for the world.


- To improve needy children's Self-awareness, Self-esteem, Self-confidence and Hope


- To empower children to achieve higher goals in life


- To stimulate children's creativity and imagination for a better education and self-development


- To encourage children to speak and perform in public


- To teach children Passion, Compassion, Empathy, Love and Happiness


- To target all children and minorities, including those with special needs


- To perform as a therapeutic and relaxing activity

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